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James and Rolland swung their hammers, collapsing the brick and drywall with their blows. The only light source for the seventeen year old boys was a solitary lightbulb swinging by a little chain. James was working on the wall in the back and Rolland was working on the front wall by the stairs. James himself made a discovery that he was working on uncovering. He had found that the wall he was knocking down exposed that the size of the basement was roughly a third larger than they had initially thought and another room was hidden on the other side. 

“James!” his father called. “Yeah?” he responded. His mother and father appeared at the top of the stairs only in Rolland’s view, dressed up to go out. “We’re going out to dinner and a show. We’ll be gone all night, but this needs to be done by morning. We've got remodeling to do down there tomorrow.” his father said. James walked over to where he could se his parents mid sentence. “Yep, sounds good.” James said, wiping his brow with his forearm. “Alright, bye boys!” his mother sweetly said as they were walking away. As his parents were just about to walk out the door, James called up to his father. “Hey dad!” we found another room down here behind the back wall.” “Okay.” his father called. “I’ll check it out in the morning. Make sure you get the wall clear.” He said as he and his wife left the house and the boys heard James’ parents close the front door close. While James was talking to his parents, Rolland had gone over to the wall separating the hidden room and the basement. 

“James! You've got to come over and look at this. Theres some creepy shit in here!” James walked over, grabbing the work lamp, turning it on and walking it over to the walled up room. There was a package wrapped in decayed burlap in the corner and the handle of a knife laying next to it. in the middle of the room was the skeleton of what looked like a cat in the middle of a pentagram carved in the floor. “This is some creepy shit.” Rolland said, stepping into the room. James followed. “What the fuck. Who would do this?” James said looking at the skeleton. Rolland had found his way over to the corner and picked up the burlap package. “Dude, lets go upstairs and open this!” Rolland proposed to James. 

The boys took the package upstairs to James’ room to examine it. They sat down at the desk and took out a knife and some scissors. They cut the leather bindings with the knife and stripped the burlap with the scissors. James ripped the burlap off and lifted up the box inside. It was a rusted metal box. After running downstairs and grabbing a hammer, Rolland broke the seal of the box. Upon opening it, they couldn't believe their eyes. A leather book, with writings scrawled and carved into both covers rested inside. The boys took it out, examining it.

“Dude, I don’t like this.” James’s said. “It’s fine. Lets just see what it says you pussy.” They spend it, finding that it was a very old book. Most pages were filled with drawings and had some ancient looking writing on them. Many pages though, had english translation which looked like they had been written there recently. “Summoning demons, teleportation, astral plane. What the fuck is this thing?” James asked. Rolland remembered the creepy old lady who lived in the house before his best friend. “There was a creepy old lady that lived in this house before you. maybe this was hers.” he said “What was she?” James asked. “Some cult member, a satanist? Who has this shit in their house?” Rolland kept flipping through pages. “Astral soul merge?” Rolland read. James looked at the Title which spanned two whole pages. Rolland put his hand on the circle in the center of the page. “What are you doing!?” James asked exasperated. “I’m doing the little spell thing. Come on, whats the worst that can happen?” “This seems a little freaky, but okay. I don't believe in magic anyway.” 

Rolland began to read: “Kudarious, Olsainitomar, Nyliram, Montossé, Vortia, Haziaam, Astrolkampy.” They sat, waiting. for several moments. Nothing seemed to happen. Little did they know that they had just created a sphere in the astral plane that expanded around their house. And also to the ignorance of the boys, James’ parents pulled into the driveway after his mother forgot her pocket book on the kitchen counter. James was sitting closest to the edge of the scheme, so when his father crossed the barrier, they astrally connected, yet unbeknownst to the two of them. Next, when James’ mother crossed the threshold, both she and Rolland connected astrally. Everything seemed fine until both boys were instantly sucked into a black void. They were separated and alone.

Rolland awoke sometime later, floating in an unrelenting black void. There was no light anywhere and there was no solid ground. The only thing he could see was his own body which was impossibly illuminated despite being in such a dark plane of existence. Suddenly, he lost control of his body. It began to painfully contort, mostly in his bones. All of his limbs chunk, as did his frame and shoulders making him slightly smaller. Next, his scull morphed, slightly changing his feature giving him a round jaw and higher cheekbones. Then his spine snapped outward, causing his butt to sick out awkwardly. Next his skin became smooth, removing all hair below his head and erasing most of his blemishes.

“What the fuck?” Rolland cried out into the blackness in pain. His hips and butt filled with fat and muscle as his calves became slender and feminine. His muscles in his biceps withered away and his forearms became smooth and elegant. The same happened to his fingers and toes, becoming thin and petite. His hair pulled itself from his head, growing just past shoulder length and changing color from his dark brown hair to a light brown. His face constricted and changed. His eyes became larger and cuter, his nose became more shapely and his lips slightly puffed up. Next his waist caved in, giving him an hourglass shape.

“Somebody! Help me!” Rolland cried as his chest began to burn. Fat slowly welled up in his chest behind his nipples. They kept growing from A to B to C to D. He had a pair of spectacular breasts and he knew that there was one thing left. “No, no, no, please!” He said as he gripped his slowly receding penis. His testicles shot up into his abdomen, forming ovaries. His organs reformed within him creating a female reproductive system. His penis finally sucked up into him with a wet slurp, as a vagina formed in the new females crotch. Finally, Rolland’s body aged about twenty-five years, although unknown to him. He was still in shock from his painful gender change. 

Rolland lay in a fetal position for about half an hour, until he heard a voice. “Rolland?” It called. The voice was familiar to him. “James?” The boys followed the voices they heard. “Rolland?” Then Rolland realized whose voice it was. It was the voice of James’ father. They moved toward each other in he void. Rolland then saw Jame’s father. (What happened was each boy transformed into the person they astrally connected with, so Rolland transformed into James’ mother where James transformed into his own father. I don't want to describe it because a teenage boy turning into an older man is not as exciting as a teenage boy  turning into an older woman.) They finally found each other in the void. “Mom!” James said to Rolland at the same time that Roland said: “Mr. Maviat!” They collided with each other. “What?” they both said at the same time. “It’s me, James!” James said from his father’s body. “I’m Rolland!” Rolland said from James’ mother’s body.

At the moment they both realized what had happened, they were both dropped back into the real world, but into their newly transformed bodies, about fifteen minutes earlier. Rolland was still in Mrs. Maviat’s body and James was still in his fathers body. They were standing by the front door, both in shock. “What the fuck?” Rolland said looking down at his boobs contained in the casual dress he had seen Mrs. Maviat wear earlier that night. “Dude, I’m your mom!” Rolland loudly whispered to the form of James’ dad who was several inches taller than him now. “I’m my dad. This is fucking sick!” James responded in a similar fashion. Just then, they heard a call from the basement: “Hey dad!” we found another room down here behind the back wall.”

“Stay here!” James said to Rolland. He rushed downstairs, grabbed the box and brought it back up. “Lets go.” he said. He grabbed Rolland’s hand and took him out the door. “What are we doing!?” Rolland asked in his girly voice. They got into the car and James threw the package in the backseat. “What just happened?” he asked the apparent form of his mother in the seat next to him. “We read from that book.” Rolland said. “I turned into your fucking mom dude!” “And I turned into my own dad!” “We also travelled back in time like fifteen minutes! We have to find a way to reverse this!” Rolland exclaimed. “I don't want to be your mom!” “Lets just go to dinner and the movie. We might as well use these bodies to our benefit while we have them.” “Okay.” Rolland said. “It might calm me down.” As James turned on the car, he snuck a glance at Rolland’s smooth, exposed legs. Rolland looked at James’ jaw and his chest through his shirt.

They went out, ate, watched a movie and went to a bar. Rolland caught James sneak glances of his breasts and ass throughout the night. They came home in a taxi, mildly drunk. They grabbed the package and went up to James’ parents room. Rolland began to take off his dress but had some difficulty with it. “James, can you help me with this?” James walked over to Rolland in his mother’s form. “Yeah, you just want to slip into something more comfortable while we figure this out?” “Actually, I was hoping we could get ready for sex.”Rolland said, “What!” James said. “What are you talking about? You want to have sex with my dad? And you want me to bang my own mom?” “Rolland responded. “I had fun tonight, the movie, the dinner, the bar, but now I want to finish where this night was going.” 

“Dude! I’m not going to sleep with my own mother! Thats fucking gross!” James said. “No it isn’t. Because I’m not your mother right now. I’m Teri, you wife… Laurence.” Rolland said. James stood quietly. “And I saw you checking out my body tonight. Your mother’s body is having effects on my brain, just like your father’s body is having an effect on yours.” James just wanted to go out to relax with his friend. Now his friend wanted to have sex with him in his mother’s body. And James was considering it! He couldn't deny though that the woman who was in front of him was defiantly turning him on.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this…” James said, taking his mother’s dress off of Rolland. They began to strip each others clothes off until they were completely naked. Jame’s sucked on his former mother’s breasts, sending waves of pleasure throughout Rolland’s body. James took one last look at the perfect vagina which birthed him, before looking into Rolland’s eyes. “Ready?” James asked. Rolland, completely swept off his feet gave a submissive nod. James slowly slid his penis into the vagina opening of his lover. It was so warm and wet and unlike any feeling he had ever felt before. The pleasure for both of them was off the charts. James looked down at his mother’s boobs as he stroked them in one hand and down at her beautiful face as he ran hi other through her thick hair. He felt her warm, moist vagina around his rock hard penis. No, not his mother, his wife: Teri. Rolland Look up as his best friend penetrated him. They orgasmed simultaneously, and fell back onto the bed, sweaty and out of breath. 

The next morning, they burned the tome. Neither of them wanted to go back. They became the loving parents of James, who still remained himself, allowing for him to connect more easily to his new father. Rolland, or Teri now, was a devoted wife and lover. And everyday, when Laurence came home from work, he would grab her and bring he ran for a passionate french kiss and a night of extreme lovemaking. 

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