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During the reading of my grandmother’s will, I received a small wooden box. I took it home, and opened it. Inside were two metal rings, one of them was the diameter of a finger and the other the diameter of a wrist and a letter. 

Dearest grandson Michael,

    If you are reading this, that means that I have passed on and I have left you my most prized possessions. I noticed that in the past year, even though you are pretty well adjusted with your job and you living conditions, you still seem depressed. I can only imagine that this is from the death of your parents and your girlfriend of two years leaving you. You have my deepest sympathies and condolences, which is why I gave you the best of my possessions. I was in the t he exact same position as you when I was your age. It may not seem like it now, but should you follow my instructions, you will see why this gift is better than all of the others. 

    I’ve told you why I gave these to you, now I will tell you how they helped me. When I was around twenty-five years old, I was extremely lonely and depressed. My mother gave me these rings to help me with my sadness. These rings have been handed down throughout the generations to make certain select members of our family happier. They completely changed my life, and I hope you will consider using them. Below are the instructions.

  1. Remove the ring from the hold and place it in front of you. Do the same with the bracelet. 
  2. Underneath the felt base, there is a false bottom. Lift it up and pull out the letter underneath. Place this in front of you as well.
  3. Place the bracelet on your wrist. Wait thirty seconds.
  4. Hold the letter in the opposite hand of the one you put the bracelet on. 
  5. Place the ring on the ring finger of the same hand you put the bracelet on. 
  6. Read the letter once it is over. 
  7. Brace yourself.

I followed the instructions as I read them. Once I had both rings on and the letter in my other hand, I prepared myself. The bracelet and ring began to glow. In an instant, I was transported to what looked like a penthouse suite. I looked around, wondering what was going on. Looking around, I wasn't sure where I was, but i saw that the entire flat was absolutely gorgeous. Just before I could explore, a crippling pain seized my body and all my joints, causing me to drop to the floor in agony. The pain seared through every nerve, making my body feel like there was raw magma coursing through my veins. A foreign force grabbed me and began to alter my body.

“What the hell?” I cried as all my bones constricted and my frame snapped inward, removing the broadness from my shoulders and reducing both my height and the length of my limbs. My hands and feet painfully slim med and became thin and feminine. My skin at around the same time slightly lightened in complexion and all blemishes and imperfections disappeared. All of my body hair then subsequently disintegrated. Next my skull cracked and reshaped becoming rounder. My jawline softened and my cheekbones rose. My eyes became larger and deeper as my nose slightly shrunk and my lips puffed up, becoming plump and kissable. I could feel my Adam’s apple wither away, making my voice slightly higher. Soon after, My waist caved in, creating an hourglass shape, at the same time my spine snapped out, accentuating my butt. My hips also flared out, adding the the already prominent hourglass shape.

Next, my thighs and butt began to build muscle and grow fat. My thighs grew to a size where they could support the weight of my growing ass. It grew and grew until the point where I realized what was happening. I was turning into a woman. And I had a spectacular ass to show for it. It was like nothing I had ever seen before on any level, as I had never seen a more perfect butt on a girl. Next my hair pulled itself from my head, growing down past my shoulders and to my chest. The next part was the worst. I could feel a sensation in my crotch as if something was pulling it inward. 

“This isn't what I wanted!” I lamented as i could feel my scout shrink, bringing my ball with it up into my body. They stopped for a moment upon hitting my undercarriage, but then forcefully swam up into me, leaving a flat surface where they once were, and went on to transform into ovaries to accompany the developing uterus that was forming within me. I could feel as a vagina formed on the inside, working its way out as my penis began to wither. It lost both length and girth, slipping out of my fingers’ feeble attempts of holding onto the last remnant of my manhood. At the same time my penis was completely sucked up inside of me with a wet pop, the forming vagina came through to the surface, getting its first taste of fresh air. 

“What the fuck?” I moaned as it finalized, becoming sensitive. Next, I felt an assaultive itch behind both of my nipples. “Oh god, please, no!” I said holding my chest. It was no use. They rapidly filled with fat, growing out slowly over the course of several moments until I had a pair of large, D cup breasts on my new chest. Lastly, my clothes disappeared, leaving my new voluptuous female body naked on the floor. I lay there for maybe five minutes, not moving because I was to afraid too. I finally stop up and awkwardly walked into the bathroom, not being used to my new center of gravity and the alien space between my legs. I saw myself in the mirror, seeing the most attractive girl I have ever seen. She, or I rather, had huge, yet perky boobs, an hourglass figure, thick thighs and an unbelievably fat, yet shapely ass. 

I walked over to where I had dropped the second note. I opened it up and read it.

Dearest Michael

    If you are reading this, then it means that you have followed my instructions in the previous note. You have been transported to someplace that you don't know, and more notably, you have transformed from a man into a woman. I will explain.

     These rings have been in our family for years. I’m not sure how far back they go. Yet only one in every generation knows about them. What they do is change your gender, and also change your life as if you had always been that way. Only a few members of your ancestry have used them, and remained in their new lives, but the ones that have, myself included, were much happier than we were before. Thats right, up until my twenty-seventh year, I was a man, but I decided that my life as a woman was better. I hope that you will pass these onto the descendent of a choice, but what you do now is up to you.

     Take some time to see if you like your new life. If you decide to stay, simply remove the rings. If you decide to go back, just keep them on and wish to go back to your old life. I love you so much Michael. I just want to see you happy.

                                                                                                            Love, Grandma Lucilla

P.S. You probably are naked right now, but soon the rings will dress you in the appropriate attire. This note will disappear soon after you read it.

The rings began to glow, oozing a black goo that wrapped My arms and chest and crotch area. They created a one piece lingerie that had long sleeves and wrapped around my crotch with the tenacity of a thong, revealing my thick thighs and shapely ass. I looked in the mirror again, seeing my new body again. This version of me was fair more attractive as a woman, but I was never this attractive as a man. This line of thinking, brought me to thinking about sex. As a man, I had only had sex with five different women by theme I was twenty-seven. In this body though? I froze. I had just realized that in this body, sex entailed a penis to enter my body. I looked down at my crotch, observing the flat space, and sliding my hand down to it to feel my new vagina. I tried to think about what usually aroused me. Voluptuous butts, nice boobs, long hair, soft face. But the images that kept popping into my brain was shit like tall guys, big biceps, chiseled jaw and strong chests. I was thinking about men!

“Honey, I’m home!” I heard a voice say. I peeked out of the bathroom and saw who it was. It was a tall man, with a light stubble and long dark hair that was slicked back into a dirty flow. “H-hello.” I said nervously. As he walked over to me, I stepped out of the bathroom to greet him. He stood at least a head taller than me, and I felt a vulnerability I had never felt before. Yet, there was something else I felt. “Wow, I like this…” he said, grabbing my arm softly, pinching the fabric of my lingerie between his fingers. He pulled me in close, and upon the action I knew what it was I felt. Safety. My rational and logical thinking diminished in place of my new body’s biological imperatives, and I felt an animalistic need to mate. 

We rushed into the bedroom together. We stripped each other of our clothing, passionately kissing the whole time. I lay on my back on the bed as he gently spread my legs. He brought his mouth to my vagina, and began to slowly kiss it. Then I felt his tongue plunge into its depths, pushing all my right buttons and bringing me to swift orgasm. Next, purely by my new bodies instinct, I got of the bed, and got down on my knees. I never thought that I would be seeing a penis at this angle, or even contemplate putting someone else in my mouth. But now, at this point, I wanted it in my throat.  wrapped my lips around the throbbing member before me, moving my tongue all around the shaft as I moved down it to the base. It only took a few minutes, but I soon felt him expose his semen into the back of my throat. I swallowed his cum, pretending to like the taste for his pleasure.

Next, we moved to the bed. He was on top of me.I could feel his radiated warmth, and could smell his pheromones and I just wanted him to penetrate me. We kissed for a while, he massaging my boobs, and I gripping his muscles. “Ready?” he asked me. “Yes…” I moaned. I felt as the head of his penis entered my new vagina. Already pretty much exploding with pleasure, I silently screamed as I felt myself lubricate, allowing him to slowly slide the rest of his penis into my body. Once all the way in, I could feel the tip of his penis brush the back of my uterus. Even though there was another person inside me, penetrating my most sensitive part, I felt so secure with him.

Our bodies worked in tandem, moving with each other in attempts to bring each other and ourselves to orgasm. after about five minutes, He began to moaned, as I felt my own orgasm coming. We both came at the same time, him spewing his load within me, and me spraying my load all over him. We both lay in bed together, just appreciating each others company in the afterglow of our session of lovemaking. 

That night, still wearing, the rings, I walked out to the balcony. I was wearing a pink plush robe, that wasn't tied, so I could still feel the air flow past my breasts, and through my legs. I looked out over the city, which I realized was Seattle, based on the space needle I saw in the distance. I felt my body, the perfect boobs, the amazing ass, my thick flowing hair and my perfect, sensitive vagina. I looked at the bracelet and the ring on my hand, contemplating what would happen if I went back, and I saw nothing that compared to being a young, beautiful rich woman who had a boyfriend who was also young and handsome. I took the rings off, and sealed them away in the box, which I put deep into a box, which I placed in storage the next day. 

Thank you Grandma Lucille. Someday, when I am Grandma Michelle, I will decide which of my grandchildren to give this wonderful gift to. Just as you did for me. I cannot thank you enough. 

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