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    I am a 17 year old boy named Gordon. I have two siblings, A 15 year old sister named Kate, a 9 year old brother named Andrew. Both my sister and I were popular in high school, though we were in different groups. Everything was going well, up until this one night.

    I woke up in the middle of the night, my stomach aching. It started out as an uncomfortable pain, that I thought would pass momentarily, but it didn't. It only worsened until it felt like I had a cannon ball sized lump of pain in my gut. I managed to get out of bed, and hobbled into my bathroom. Going to bed, I felt fine but now, looking in the mirror, I looked and felt extremely sick. My hands on the sides of the sink to try try to stabilize myself. My eyes were red with bags underneath them and my skin was pale and clammy. My stomach churned and roiled as I clasped it in my arms in a feeble attempt to subsidize the pain. Suddenly, the pent up pressure and pain released like a rubber band snapping. My sides caved in with a cracking sound as all my body hair including my pubic hair fell out. I dropped to the floor and looked at my newly reshaped belly which looked like an hourglass shape. Before I even had time to catch my breath, my pelvis shattered and began swimming around in my hips. I writhed around on the floor in agony until suddenly, my pelvis reformed and snapped out and my hips popped excruciatingly outward. 

    For a few seconds, I thought that the bout of whatever I had, had passed but little did I know, it had only just begun. Next, my rib cage, spine, shoulders and scull began to rattle. They all felt like they were being wrapped with barbed wire and being tightened constantly. My rib cage shrunk down as my shoulders snapped in, shrinking my frame. My spine shortened and snapped inward, pushing my butt outward. My body was shrinking in both girth and mass, and next the bones in my legs and arms been to feel the same malleable feeling that I had felt in my torso. They remolded themselves, becoming more stout. I felt an immense pressure in my scull and jaw. My jaw was the first to cave. It snapped backward and rounded out, giving my jaw a feminine curve. My scull violently shrunk with a grinding sound in my ears. I felt pressure in my brain for a few seconds, but the pressure soon released like air out of a balloon. 

    I felt as my cheekbones rose, the feeling an indescribable discomfort as my face contorted at the structural level. The pain dwindled into a light tingle before dissipating. My bones had now been remolded to fit what my body was turning into. After that, I felt the skin all over my body ripple. My entire epidermis felt as if it was vibrating, changing tone and texture. I watched as the calloused hands that I used to have softened and became soft, smooth and feminine and the taming of my rough skin trespassed to more of my body. The skin on my arms, legs and body softened and became flawless. Any freckles that I had on my body disappeared as my skin erased any blemishes. My complexion changed from the masculine tan peach color to a more golden and girly skin tone. Soon after, muscles in my chest and belly began to vibrate painfully. My sorta-six pack morphed into a solid sexy core and my chest slowly and painfully deflated until I had a chest that looked like a prepubescent junior high schooler. 

    The muscles in my shoulders and arms slenderized and became slim and feminine. My thighs and butt felt weird. I looked down and saw my thighs pulsating. With each pulse they were getting thicker with muscle and fat. The same was happening with my butt. I stood up off the bathroom floor and turned around to see my rear in the mirror. It kept expanding until there was no trace of masculinity left. At the point that it had the perfect upside down heart shape that I had sook in girls, it ceased to become a butt and became an ass. I had an ASS. My scalp began to feel warm next, and I saw as my hair not only grew from my scalp and thickened, but changed color from my dark brown to a dirty dirty blonde. It cascaded down my face and around my head. I pulled it out of my face, still growing, and saw my face being framed by the flowing hair. It grew and grew until it reached the bottom of my shoulder blades. I saw my face, changed, but still similar. It looked like me but more feminine. Not even a girl version of my face, but just more girly. After seeing my changed face, I felt as if there was a rock in my esophagus. I began to choke, unable to breathe as my Adam's apple painfully retreated into my neck. I moaned all the while hearing the pitch and volume of my voice change. The quiet scream that I winced out seemed familiar somehow. 

    When my vocal chords finally finished changing, I was able to breathe. I gasped for air, only in a different voice that what I had before. The changes subsidized for a few seconds and I caught my breath. I'm glad I did because I needed it for what came next. My crotch exploded with pain. It felt like my penis and testicles had red hot lava on them, and my undercarriage felt as if a white hot knife was being twisted in it. My pubic muscles began to contort and change as my penis began to slowly withdrawing  my body with a slurping sound. The head of my dick sealed up with skin and began to deteriorate. The skin began to redden and become extremely sensitive. My testicles withdrew into me and traveled up in my torso, ready to be morphed into ovaries. The head of my penis was shrinking and withdrawing into me becoming my new clitoris, as the front face of my crotch flattened and became as if there was never anything there. My undercarriage suddenly tore open, releasing all the pressure from inside. My clitoris and urethra moved and took their places in the new vagina. Next I could feel as a uterus and Fallopian tubes formed within me, giving me a womb. As my new pussy finished forming, the last remnants of my masculinity made their way to the surface and spewed out of the vagina. 

    I felt around my changed crotch, feeling the flat surface and the slit between my legs. It was moist and sensitive and it shocked me. Even in my delirious state, I understood what was happening. I was transforming into a girl, and because that was the case, I knew that I was going to get breasts next. And I felt it happen next. My nipples grew warm and I saw them grow in diameter. Little balls of fat began to accumulate behind my expanding nipples. They kept growing and growing, weight adding to my chest. I grabbed the left tit and felt it growing in my hand. Mammary glands formed in the expanding fleshy, fatty tissues in my new boobs, and my areola formed. The breasts stopped growing at around a C cup, though they felt larger in my now smaller hands. The transformation seemingly over, I stood up and looked in the mirror. I was a girl, head to toe, and I looked familiar somehow. I looked at my face as the last change took place on my face. My nose cracked and my lips plumped up and my eyes grew slightly. The skin on my face displaced and shifted around for a few seconds before settling on my new visage. I was looking in the mirror at my new face, a face that didn't belong to me but was oh so familiar to me. At that moment, I knew, I had somehow, and for some reason, just transformed into my little sister.

    I looked at my naked female body, absent of any trace of masculinity that I had previously had, and yet I could still see a resemblance to my old self because I was my sister. I grabbed my new breasts gently, taken aback at a level of sensitivity that I had never previously felt. I felt as they jiggled on my chest, sending the message that I was no longer male. I had never seen my sisters vagina until that night. I had never hoped to in the first place, and I certainly never expected me to have her vagina by actually being my sister. Why had I turned into Kate? "Oh shit." I thought. "If I turned into her, then could it be possible that she turned into me?" It certainly was possible, but how would I know for sure? If she hadn't, I couldn't go walking in the hallway, or there could be two Kate's in the house. I had to figure this out somehow. I decided to go put some clothes on, giving me something to do to take my mind off the insanity of my present circumstance as well as make it so I could be seen by others without showing everyone my sisters body. 

    I awkwardly hobbled out of my bathroom and into my bedroom and over to my dresser. I it felt extremely weird walking with nothing between my legs, and I could feel as each movement and step that I took echoed in my new tits. I grabbed a blue T-shirt that was far too large for the body that I now had, but would have fit me perfectly half an hour ago. It only stayed on me because the edges of the neck hole hung precariously on my small shoulder frame as I used to be several magnitudes larger than my sister. None of the underwater or pants I tried on stayed on me, so I grabbed a pair of my joggers and pulled them up past my hips to my waist and cinched them, thinking that my hourglass figure would hold them up and keep them from slipping off my legs. I turned around, thinking of what I was going to do next, when all if a sudden, a bright light shone in my face. 

    Everything went white for a second, but when my vision adjusted, I saw that some one had turned on my bedroom light. I saw myself. "What the fuck?! Who are, what is, the fuck is going on?" I stammered and stuttered. "It's me, Kate. I don't know what happened but I woke up to go to the bathroom, and I turned into you!" "Same thing happened to me!" I responded. "What the fuck are we gonna do?" I asked. We fucking turned into each other! I'm you! I have your tits!" I loudly whispered to her while I grabbed my boobs for emphasis. "Well do you think I like having your dick?!" She hissed back grabbing my old and her current crotch. "We need to do something until we can find a way to fix this." I said. "Let's just calm down, we still have several hours before we have to go to school, so we can try to find a way to fix this." 

    I suggested. "Okay, then we need to be able to cover for each other in the meantime." She said. It was weird to hear my voice coming out of someone else's mouth, even thought it was still mine. I wasn't quite used to Kate's voice coming out of my mouth. "Come with me." She said. We tiptoed over to her room and over to her closet. She took out one of her tops and a pair of athletic short shorts. "Put these on, we should at least be in clothes that fit while we figure this out. She helped me put on the tank, and shorts. It was strange to wear clothes that hugged my figure so much, but it was better than the baggy clothes I had previously worn. Because Kate in my body was only in a pair of her sweatpants, now snug on her, she suggested that she would go back into my room and grab some of my clothes. "Why don't you just wear these ones?" I asked gesturing to the ones I had taken off. "I want a sweatshirt." She said. 

    I watched as she shambled out of her room and down the hall to mine. I could tell that she wasn't used to having such large figure, nor a penis dangling between her legs. "Bring back my backpack!" I called after her. I laid on her bed and took a look at my face in the reflection in my phone. I saw Kate's face make every movement that I made. I saw my full lips, my large eyes. That was one thing I could still see. It was still my me behind those eyes. The dirty blonde hair, the smooth skin and the round jaw breasts. I could actually see the scope of them now. The way they lay inside the tank top. The way they squished against the bed. I heard Kate walking back to her room. "I've got your backpack." She said. " Okay, let's start to figure this out. It's 1:41 right now, we have five hours until we need to leave for school." I said. "Right" she responded, "Where's your schedule?" 

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