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Thank you Grandma by BosunTG
Mature content
Thank you Grandma :iconbosuntg:BosunTG 210 8
The Tome of the Occult by BosunTG
Mature content
The Tome of the Occult :iconbosuntg:BosunTG 47 4
The Vials: Contest entry for MollieTG by BosunTG
Mature content
The Vials: Contest entry for MollieTG :iconbosuntg:BosunTG 87 4
Not Quite a Fairy Tale by BosunTG
Mature content
Not Quite a Fairy Tale :iconbosuntg:BosunTG 110 2
Wish for The Walking Dead by BosunTG
Mature content
Wish for The Walking Dead :iconbosuntg:BosunTG 20 3
Assumation by BosunTG
Mature content
Assumation :iconbosuntg:BosunTG 35 1
Quarterly Competition by BosunTG
Mature content
Quarterly Competition :iconbosuntg:BosunTG 56 2


Mom - tg by ParishSoldier
Mature content
Mom - tg :iconparishsoldier:ParishSoldier 278 7
TG Transformation Sound effect sequence by Gobbie2 TG Transformation Sound effect sequence :icongobbie2:Gobbie2 34 14
Z Chromosome Part 1
The cold air blew across my battered body as I walked helplessly into the night hoping, no praying there was someone out there waiting to help someone like me. It has been over a year now since those beasts took over the States. They didn't care how old you were, if you were a male they'd be after you... Their rotting stench was enough to make you gag for fresh air but there is none left...
This apocalypse as one might call it was nothing more then a lab experiment gone wrong, an experiment I was apart of and helped with. Us scientists were working on a way to change the chromosones that decide whether your born a boy or girl. We had no problem changing willing men and women into the opposite sex but after the first few hundred tests a chromosone that was locked away was suddenly let loose.
It was called the Z chromosone, none of us had heard of such a thing or knew it even existed for that matter. This new chromosone was full of animalistic genes that if mixed with other chromosones c
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 16 19
Mature content
A Wish Gone Wrong - TG :iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 88 9
Best Butt In Town by DerykShane Best Butt In Town :iconderykshane:DerykShane 159 11
Mature content
Better on the Other Side: A Bodyswap Story :icontservo96:Tservo96 68 8
Mature content
Nicki Minaj TG :icontg29:TG29 12 1
Mature content
Road Game Part 1: A Father/Daughter Bodyswap Story :icontservo96:Tservo96 24 1
Fun for Cousins
  I hate going to my cousins' house. They are all about my same age, and they are the biggest jerks alive. There is one good thing though, and that is that there is a two year old who lives there.
    My cousins' house is huge, some could call it a manor, as it could fit dozens of our house in it. As I was wandering through it with my stupid cousins, there were rooms that didn't look like they were ever touched.
    Finally the day wound down, and I decided to go swimming in their pool, so I unpacked a bit and put on my speedo, and went out for a swim. When I got back, I had just dried myself off, leaving me there with my speedo on when the door lurched open, and there stood all four of my cousins, all looking at me with a grin on their face. "What, it's just a speedo?" One of my cousins took out a roll of duct tape, and all four of them jumped at me. My cousins consisted of two girls and two boys, and while the boys began to wrap the tape around my mouth to st
:iconwndash2:Wndash2 178 36
Life of Jenna (PDF) by DerykShane
Mature content
Life of Jenna (PDF) :iconderykshane:DerykShane 44 3
Change of Tune by Mhowlett1
Mature content
Change of Tune :iconmhowlett1:Mhowlett1 23 0
Hilda/Touko TG by Jackurai
Mature content
Hilda/Touko TG :iconjackurai:Jackurai 1,068 237
Mature content
The New Couple: A TG Bodyswap Story Part 1 :icontservo96:Tservo96 51 6
Husband and Wife Bodyswap
I took the shot first. I felt the pinch as it broke through the skin of my upper arm; I could feel the liquid burning as it entered my bloodstream; the heat spreading out. I swallowed hard and my throat closed a bit in anticipation, my forehead became warm and I could feel a light sweat break across my upper lip.
I looked over to my right to see my wife wince as she took her shot. She looked at me; we locked eyes and she smiled nervously. I could see the fear in her eyes, the anxiety that she was trying so hard to suppress, but never could.
“Well” the man said as he headed for the door “it has begun.” He stopped at the door and turned to us. “You will begin to see and feel the full effects momentarily.” He said as he placed his hand on the knob and began to open the door. “I hope you enjoy your decision” He nodded and headed out.
I was standing in the middle of our living room and my wife was seated in the chair to my right. Now she too s
:icontservo96:Tservo96 141 3
New Life Tg Ar by benjiefrenzy
Mature content
New Life Tg Ar :iconbenjiefrenzy:benjiefrenzy 102 0
TG Animation 3 (HQ version link below) by surody
Mature content
TG Animation 3 (HQ version link below) :iconsurody:surody 664 48


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PLEASE CRITICIZE MY WORK! Come read my disturbing and dark fantasies about males transforming into females! It may be weird, but who the fuck cares? TG stories are like Marilyn Manson. Taboo as fuck to the majority, but rocks too fucking hard to not love. Join me as I, like a malevolent god, change the lives and bodies of fictional characters without their consent!


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